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curator: Color of the Naked - Truth
Hosted by EADJ, Vanderbilt, Frist, Millions of Conversations
Nashville, TN

March 2022

When we look in the mirror we cannot hide what is there. The color of the naked - truth - that which is bare.


This trans-institutional initiative is an ongoing collaboration between Fisk UniversityFrist Art MuseumMillions of Conversations, and Vanderbilt University that explores creative approaches to living together in the South(s)


April 2022 - COMING SOON



Curator/ Festival Creative Director

The Norf Wall Fest is a large-scale multimedia arts festival celebrating North Nashville by reflecting its
ideals through the creative efforts of both visual and performing artists. The Norf Wall Fest creatively
alters communal landscapes in order to reflect the greater social consciousness. 


Community Project : The Legacy Mural
Lead Artist: Woke3 (of Norf Studios) 
Co-artists: M.E., C3, Keep3, Etomic

Nashville, TN
August 2021

The Legacy Mural is the community art activation that came ouf of The Norf Wall Fest. The goal was to create a large-scale multimedia art piece celebrating our history and culture. We altered the communal landscape in order to reflect the greater social consciousness. 


Curator: N2020 In A Day
In partnership w/ The Frist Art Museum

Nashville, TN
May 2021

N2020 in a Day is an outdoor community engagement program presented in conjunction with the exhibition N2020: Community Reflections, organized by the Frist Art Museum with guest curator Woke3. The performance will include choreographers, dancers, musicians, and spoken-word poets, showcasing local artists, their perspectives on the year 2020, and their resilience in moving forward.  

“It is our goal to touch as many lives as possible by establishing common ground through artistic expression,” writes Woke3 in a curatorial statement. “We want more people to think inclusively as we cultivate ground for all to share how the events of the year affected them as community members, artists, business owners, etc., and to support people shouting ‘We Need Change’ through their respective art forms. That is where we begin the work.” 

Bring lawn chairs or blankets and join us at the Centennial Park Event Ellipse (the lawn in front of the entrance to the Parthenon) for this multidisciplinary performance.


Chef Consultant for N2020: Woke3 (of Norf Studios) in Partnership with the Frist Art Museum.
Present Project
Nashville, TN

March 2021

N2020 showcases visuals from local artists who have documented current events that have been experienced by majority of the Nashville community. A motion picture performance choreographed and executed by youth directors depicts common emotions we’re all experiencing in 2020. N2020 is a single letter in a community of folks who want to create a fair and thriving world for future generations. Theme: Legacy.


Cat Hollow Park.jpg

Community Support: Revitalization of Little Park/Clinton B. Fisk Park 

Present Project

(September 2020)

After the March 2020 tornado, North Nashville's community park, Clinton B. Fisk Park, known by community members as "Little Park" needs a lot of love and attention. Community members and leaders are working collectively to find ways to fund and revitalize Little Park to make sure our community has what it needs to thrive. 


Proposal written for Nationwide Translation and Interpretation Services: Catholic Charities USA - An Immediate Response to Covid-19 for Telemedicine and Telehealth resource purposes

(April 2020)

In a time where 96% of all people located in our 50 states have been charged with staying at home, access to resources have become an overwhelming task. People of varying backgrounds and cultures are struggling with communicating with medical providers, their families, and receiving proper aid to support them in learning and dealing with Covid-19. LAMP services would like the support the backing of Catholic Charities USA on a national level to create immediate publicity surrounding our efforts to offer language accessibility. As community leaders, it is our responsibility to engage and work on the frontlines to support our national member network, collectively.

Visual Project with Haven Greene: Let Go - Mali Music

Choreography by Angel Adams

Shot and Edited by Angel Adams

(August 2020)

Professional Dancer @HavenGreeneOfficial works with Angel Adams to create a visual depicting how movement is used to portray lyrical expression. This project was a one day shoot with post-production (also done by Angel Adams).



#PollDance Nashville - Street Dance Activism | Local

Artist Angel Adams initiates a #PartyAtThePolls in 3 polling locations in North Nashville (Looby, Hadley, and Watkins community centers)

(November 2020)

Election day is here and our Nashville youth are picking up the torch as leaders in their community through street dance activism. Young artists are heading to the polls today to encourage our community to remain uplifted in spirit and to be encouraged through what they are calling #PollDance. READ FULL PRESS RELEASE



Angel Adams introduces a "Communal Resiliency Plan" entitled: BLACK JOY to celebrate POC artists post-election.

(November 2020)

Post -election, Angel Adams initiated 5 consecutive days of Healing Sessions that brought together various artists from all of the city. In our autonomous "for artists, by artists" spaces, we held 9 different event sessions, representing over 15 varying art genres! See chart for some of our artists' fav group events. CLICK HERE

No one knew what was going to happen and the energy was thick with doubt, worry, and uncertainty. BLACK JOY was a reminder that no matter what happened, we would be here for one another and that ART is our foundation for love, for acceptance, for equity, for JOY. 


Angel Adams Releases first single "Supa Fly"

Producer: Klassik

(April 2020)

Angel Adams has been known to be a singer and performer since a very young age. The release of her very first single "Supa Fly" was exciting for her and opened up a new world of recording vocals, songwriting, rapping, and finding an art in being able to sample old skool concepts while still bringing a brand new style to the Music Industry. She is excited to share more with her friends, family, and new fans! Continue to follow her journey. More new music to come!



"What About Your Friends" TLC Music Video Concept

Executive Producer: Angel Adams

Choreography by Kyrstin Young

Shot and Edited by Angel Adams

(August 2020)

Student Performers @LucyWithTheDanceMoves @OnlyJireh and worked with Angel Adams and Kyrstin Youung to re-create a classic 90's feel to the retro song "What About Your Friends" by the all-start trio TLC. This project was a one day shoot with videography, post-production, and editing also accomplished by Angel Adams. 


FALL FEST logo.png

Community Surveying for Revitalization of North Nashville Park - Clinton B. Fisk Park aka "Lil Park"

(November 2020)

The Norf Fall Fest is a community gathering celebrating the re-energizing of “Lil Park”. We want to ask our neighbors what they want to see happen in this park, especially our 37208 natives. This park is the heart of our community and we want to give it love. Come celebrate with live music, live painting, food, games and a lot of love. All under the Covid health guidelines.


A survey will be available for those who live in or are from the 37208 area

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